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SaaS ROI Calculator For Implementing a B2B Customer Loyalty Program

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SaaS ROI Calculator For Implementing a B2B Customer Loyalty Program

Are you considering hiring a loyalty company to reduce churn and increase customer retention?   We built this SaaS ROI calculator from a purely financial standpoint to show you if it's worth it for your particular company.

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Beyond financial considerations

A well-planned and executed B2B loyalty program helps you:

  • Collect first-party data to make better marketing and product decisions
  • Maintain market share and reduce opportunities for competitors
  • Show better growth and retention, which makes it easier to get funding

More revenue impact than saving the monthly subscription

There are multiplier effects on revenue for reducing churn beyond the single subscription you saved.

Some of those recovered customers will:

  • Become targets for future upsell/cross-sell revenue
  • Refer new customers

A well-architected SaaS loyalty program will offer incentives for upsell/cross-sell and customer referrals, increasing your uptake rate on these actions.  

It's a virtuous cycle (or, as people call it, a 'fly wheel').

The ROI calculator

We created this ROI calculator to show the impact of three retention KPIs you should measure to see if your efforts are paying off:

  1. Revenue from recovered customers: Customers who may have churned but stayed because of your loyalty program.
  2. Expansion revenue:  Cross-sell, up-sell revenue from recovered customers.  This is recession-proof revenue, but you need to keep customers first.
  3. Referral revenue:  Generated by recovered customers recommending new customers.  

The individual monthly numbers may seem smaller at first.  But, roll up the monthly revenue to annual revenue and multiply it by your valuation multiplier.  Then, you should see a significant financial benefit to cutting churn by 50% using a B2B loyalty program.

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