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All our features are designed to onboard quickly and engage deeply by making sure members see rewards early and often and that the rewards align with your growth and product goals.

Simple & Quick Sign-Up & Onboarding

Increase conversions and adoption by making it easy to join and grant instant rewards. Your members won't need to be crypto experts to be in the program.

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NFT Rewards

We'll help you create NFTs that are aligned with your growth goals but easy to distribute and manage. Your community won't have to be crypto experts to get the benefits NFTs offer, such as uniqueness, ownership, and transferability.

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Member Management

Make it easy to create offers and tiers, track rewards, and redemption options, and share outcomes with a member's social networks. Get robust reporting tools, so that businesses can track customer activity and analyze trends over time.


API & Smart Contract Integration

Connect your product usage with your rewards program via APIs. Reward your users for mastering the tasks that drive retention, repeat usage, and revenue. Tie that usage to NFTs and smart contracts to manage the program rules.

Data & Analytics

See how your community is interacting with the rewards program. Get insights that optimize your program to retain your best users and identify rewards you can grant marginal users to bring them back.

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Discover The Features and Actions That Drive Retention and Revenue

No one understands your product, and buyers like you. We'll learn from you and internalize the actions that power your growth. Then translate these ideas into action-reward combinations focused on increasing your valuation.


Bundle Features To Create a Custom Program

Improve customer retention and encourage more revenue-producing behaviors with custom features tailored to fit the specific needs of each business, making your loyalty program more effective and valuable for members.

Create Objectives & Measure Key Results

Don't 'eyeball' which rewards are working and which ones are not-- use data, framed by the objective of the reward to drive your decisions. We'll set up a dashboard for you to track your key goals (like reduced churn), analyze your results, and use that data to optimize your program



Understand YourBuyers

Understand Actions That Drive Revenue

Tell us what actions correlate with goals like onboarding, revenue, and retention and we'll create rewards to achieve your goals.

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Build It

Put the features and functions in place to make the program simple but fun and engaging for your community.

Analyze, Optimize, Convert

Analyze, Optimize, Convert

Analyze and optimize results until you have a rewards machine that stops churn and powers your valuation.

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